Custer Avenue Improvements Project

Village of Brookfield & Village of Lyons

An improvement project that will benefit the residents and visitors of the Village of Brookfield and the Village of Lyons.


The Villages of Brookfield and Lyons are excited to begin a street improvement project that will include improvements to Custer Avenue from 47th Street to Ogden Avenue.  The construction cost for the project is $1,600,000 and the Villages worked together to obtain a federal grant paying for 75% of these costs.

The contractor’s tentative schedule includes beginning work during the week of July 23rd  (schedule based on IDOT contract approvals) and work on the project is anticipated to be substantially completed by early November.


The improvements will include  repairing deteriorated sections of the combined sewer, repairing or replacing the drainage structures, replacing the curb and gutter and driveway aprons, widening the pavement by approximately 1′ on each side of the street, milling the existing asphalt and stone base, patching any failed areas of pavement, resurfacing the pavement with a total thickness of 6″ of asphalt, restoring disturbed areas of the parkway with sod, and other related improvements.  Handicap accessible sidewalk ramps will be installed at the intersections.


The project will consist of four main phases of work: sewer installation, concrete installation, pavement reconstruction, and asphalt paving.

During the sewer installation phase, the contractor may post “No Parking” signs on certain sections of street where he will be working during the day.  Residents will generally be allowed to park their vehicles on the street overnight, however; we ask that while the contractor is working adjacent to your house, you have your vehicle moved prior to 7:00 AM to reduce the possibility of accidental damage from the construction machinery.

During the concrete installation phase, the contractor will work on one side of the street at a time.  The contractor will post “No Parking” signs on that side of the street.  Overnight on-street parking will generally be allowed on the opposite side of the concrete work.  We ask that the vehicles parked on the opposite side of the concrete work be moved off street from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM to reduce the possibility of accidental damage from the construction machinery.

During the pavement reconstruction phase, the contractor will post “No Parking” signs on an entire street.  Vehicles will have to be moved prior to 7:00 AM on the specified date and the street will remain closed until the entire pavement has been removed and the first lift of asphalt has been installed.

During the asphalt paving phase, the contractor will post “No Parking” signs on an entire street, and parking will not be permitted from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the specified dates.

Parking restrictions for street sweeping will be relaxed within the near vicinity of the project to allow for overflow parking as the project is ongoing.


We do not anticipate that garbage collection will be affected.  However, notice will be given to all affected residents if any changes in service are necessary once work begins.



Week of August 20th 

The contractor has removed spots of curb surrounding structures in preparation for sewer work.

Week of August 27th 

The contractor intends to begin sewer work at Ogden Avenue and Custer Avenue.


Tree removal and tree protection is complete, along with a safety fence near Lincoln Elementary School. Contractor has removed spots of the curb surrounding drainage structures in preparation for sewer work to be done.


When will the construction work be completed?

Construction is anticipated to be substantially completed in early November.

Will I lose access to my water?

A majority of the residents along the project will not lose their water.  However, in order to replace some of the fire hydrants, a water main shut down will need to take place.  The affected residents will receive 24 hours notice prior to the water main shut down.  Typically the shut downs occur from 8am to 4pm.

Additional questions and answers will be posted periodically as received from residents.


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